Lisbon – Textile Exhibitions 2014

Lisbon – Textile Exhibitions 2014

 We have just returned from our Worldbasket Textile tour in Lisbon.

P.viewing platform lisbon.JPG

View of Sao Vicente de Fora


   A wonderful relaxed city, with lovely architecture, cobbled streets and hills so nice to walk up, the narrow back lanes to look down at the city or to sit  in a local cafe, drinking strong  coffee in a sunny plaza.

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Into The Alfama, a labyrinth of tiny streets tumbling down the hillside.

Then walk down the harbour to the Ikat Textile exhibition-Woven Languages- at the Museum de Orient, a comprehensive show of Indonesian  ikats from the collection of Peter Ten Hopen, running until 25th January 2015

P.woven languages. (475x650).jpg

 Here is one of the finest collections of Indonesian ikats, collected over the years with some very rare pieces.

They are beautifully presented , such a privilege to be able to see so many ikats close up and    really appreciate the fineness of the weavings and intricacies of design of these textiles used in day to day and ceremonial occasions , with every Indonesian island producing their own distinctive style of weavings.

Our next textile treat was the Japanese Textile Exhibition – Raw Japan at the Mude, running until 8th February 2015 .

P. mude.png

Raw Japan at the Museu Design Moda, Mude . Baxia, Lisbon

 The simplicity and beauty of the recycled ,mainly indigo fabrics brought back to life with simple patching and stitching into kimonos, jackets and bedcovers was inspiring.

As were the folk craft items used in the home made from clay and brass also aluminum,which was reused from remnants of weaponry from the war, crafted into everyday utensils appreciated in Japan for the pleasure of reusing and recreating useful simple pieces made with traditional skills  with no need for ostentation , the artisan feels no need to sign his work as  the finished article is already an expression of his art .summed up by – my work itself is my best signature.

Truly, Lisbon was a joy for us textile lovers, with global goodies a plenty.

A friendly relaxed city, we will definitely return again.

P.out of town.JPG

 Pousada de Palmela – Castelo de Palmela about 25 kms. South of Lisbon.