Dhurrie Rugs

Called Dhurries in India and Kilims in the middle east, all our rugs are hand woven in both contemporary and classic designs on looms in a factory in a small village in Rajasthan, India.

They are made from wool and jute which makes them extra durable and washable with warm soapy water.

Weaving a dhurrie.

All our workers are paid a fair price and work in a clean airy environment, with the men being the weavers and the women dyeing the wool and jute, using mainly natural dyes, as they have done for centuries. We have many more designs available in our shop at 21, Catherine Hill, Frome. BA11 1BZ

To see more about the making and buying of our dhurries see here: http://blog.worldbasket.co.uk/?p=41

3 x 5ft……..90 x 150cm. :- £88.00

4 x 6ft…….120 x 180cm. :- £108.00

2’6″ x 8’….. 75 x 240 cm  :- £98.00

2’6″ x 10’…75 x 300 cm  :- £108.00

2 x 3ft……..60 x 90  cm  :- £35.00   Available only in the shop.


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